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Originally Posted by H33D View Post
Army Builder just got a new update and I was excited to see if this bug was fixed or not. I am not a frequent visitor of this site or the forums, but have noticed a bug with the Dwarves in Army Builder, specifically with 8th edition. I hope this is the right place to put this.

The way things work is this:

Longbeard Rangers do not count as Longbeards. There is a rule for Dwarves considering how many Longbeards you can have based on the number of Warriors you have. Longbeard Rangers do not count as Longbeards for this purpose. Everytime I put a unit of Longbeard Rangers in Army Builder says that I have too many Longbeards. This is not actually the case.
This was fixed in a past edition and is working as intended. However, i did come actross a reciprocal error. Regular warriors upgraded to rangers were still counting for the ratio which they shouldn't.

That error has been resolved and will be included in teh next update.
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