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I have been converting a character from Classic to Online and I have found a few issues:

Character Class/Archetype/level : Druid/Goliath/11

* Wild Shape (Giant) shows up as Wild Shape (Alter Self: Large Giant) on the Special Abilities section. It can be enabled and changes ability scores per the spell, but doesn't seem to apply size changes to weapon damage. Additionally, there doesn't seem to be any place to select the type of giant.
* Wild Shape (Animal) shows up as (Wild Shape: Beast Shape III Diminutive -Huge) in the Special Abilities section, but doesn't seem to work as expected.
* The "Shikigami Style" feat shows up as a Combat Style in the Special Abilities Section, but when you enable it, it turns itself back off again. Additionally, the activation text is "Activation 1" rather than the name of the style.
* Adding a Custom Location doesn't provide a way to name the location.
* Adding a Custom Gear doesn't provide a way to name the gear.
* When using the Background Skills option, the skills in the Background section do not appear on the Skills panel on the Play page.

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