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Hello! Thank you all in advance.

So me and my friends have been using HLO for pathfinder 1e. One of my friends has been GMing the whole time, but now he's back in school and doesn't have time to set up games anymore. So instead I decided to step up and start GMing Reign of Winter.

Problem is, my friend who has been GMing up to thing point has all of the content already bought and I was hoping just to use it.

Is there a way for him to set up the game, and then swap GM status to me? I simply want to be able to look at my PCs info, and add/remove them from the stage if need be. I only have an apprentice subscription at this point, but was thinking maybe it would be possible if I bought a standard subscription?

TL/DR: Can my GM give me GM status, or allow me access to the PCs info?
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