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GM-Directions on map pins are transferred to map Notes.
Create an Actor for EACH character in a HL portfolio file, not just the first one.
For PF1 characters, create sub-skills (e.g. Artistry, Perform, Profession).
Include prefix and suffix (if any) from the RW topic in title of journal entries.
Create thumbnails for each scene.


RW terminology used in standard section headings:
"Child Topics" changed to "Governed Content";
"Connections" changed to "Relationships";
"Links To/From Other Topics" changed to "Content Links: In/Out".
Format of relationships changed slightly, and includes any entered annotations. file updated with current information.
GM-Directions in topics converted to "secret" sections in journal entries.
Snippet styles change the background colour as per RW.


Snippet style is now displayed for all snippet types; and GM-directions are boxed with their other content.


This version works on both 0.7.9 and 0.8.6. It also reads weapons/ammo/armor/shields from embedded HL files for PF1.


Author of the Realm Works Import tool, Realm Works Output tool and Realm Works to Foundry module

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