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Originally Posted by Merion View Post
I haven't had time to look at your code, yet, or what is generally possible with the foundry modules, but just a quick idea from the road: would splitting up the string data after the file has been picked and before allocating them to variables be a solution?
It should not be to problematic to change the code part the turns that massive string into foundry entities to iterate over multiple variables instead of just parsing one, or so I guess.
It is something for me to look at, but I am using DOMParser to do the XML conversion, and it needs to be given the complete string. I am considering manual processing to get into the "contents" part of the XML file and read each topic element one at a time from the file (assuming there isn't a single top-level topic element under which all other elements are children).

My main focus at the moment is getting the general conversion working better for files which can be loaded (< 512 MB).

At least it only uses the RWoutput file, rather then the RWexport file which is MUCH larger! :-)


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