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I submitted a bug about the half casters and cantrips today. No idea if it'll ever happen.

My only idea about it is to create a dummy "1st" level for the Artificer class. It will grant nothing, and the whole class would have to switch all its features to be granted 1 level higher than usual. It wouldn't work if you use XP for levelling and/or if you plan to get to level 20. But otherwise, the math would then work out to grant the proper level of spell slots and access to cantrips.

Effectively, a level 3 Artificer at the table would be a level 4 Artificer in Hero Lab. Mathematically, the RoudUp(3/2) = 2 = RoundDown(4/2).

It's not a good solution. And I probably wont pursue it unless LWD comes out and says they wont help us with a round-up half caster. But it's the best we got right now.

Edit: It would totally throw off proficiency bonuses. Duh. Can’t do it.

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