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I can totally understand your point about creating separate journal entries for special boons that grant reputation ("Worldwide Expert", "Society Shepherd", etc).

Then we get to the current design/layout of the UI of the journal. I feel like some of the functionality of the journal has changed, and that it now works different than it did before (but I lack documentation and proof of that), so let us get down to the current design paradigm:

The problem is that the way that it is laid out, it is "obvious" (but wrong) that you would select a Faction in the "Faction for reputation awarded" dropdown, and the "Fame and Reputation Awarded" field would be awarded for the selected faction. In the above example, my character has only the Exoguardians faction chosen, but this is communicated nowhere in the Journal UI.

There have definitely been improvements here, because Reputation used to show up correctly in an individual journal entry if you did not have the faction on a character, but would not work properly for the character, but now it appears to work properly after you add the faction, so that is good.

Perhaps we could add a Field that showed the currently represented faction in this window, and move the "Faction for reputation awarded" dropdown down to just before the "Reputation Awarded" field. Also, it would be nice if the [Add Wealth or XP] button would clear the contents of the fields of the window after it was clicked. (Reported x2)

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