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Personally I've been out in the sticks without internet for a month.

I think you can try two approaches here.

1. Use the #hasability[XXX] macro. This returns a 1 or 0 depending on if the ability is bootstrapped. It runs late in timing though so I'm not sure you would want it in a background check.

ex. if (#hasability[raDarkElf] = 1) then

2. use the hero.childlives[XXX] property.

ex. if (hero.childlives[XXX] <> 0) then

You can actually use these in an exprreq statement on the background like the tiefling abilities do over on the racial abilities.

#hasrace[rDwarf] + #hasability[raMoonElf] <> 0

would test if the hero had either the dwarf race or moon elf subrace - if raMoonElf is the ID of the Moon Elf subrace.
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