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I bought the new version not too long ago and used to use the previous versions. This new licensing mechanism is a good idea, but unfortunatly it requires a higher level of responsiveness from the company. The forums seem to indicate that that is not happening.

A suggestion that may help would be if you allowed your license management website to deactive codes and assign out new ones, rather than do the secondary activation code, or additionally.
Most users will obtain a new computer or reformat an existing computer every couple of years. If your license was last activated on a new computer more than 120 days ago, then the server automatically allows you to move a license freely to a new system. The only time a problem arises is when you want to move a license within that initial 4-month window, which is actually very infrequent. In those cases, you'll need to contact support and have us modify your license to eliminate the remaining waiting period. Normally, we get such emails processed within 24-48 hours of receipt. But we've had some technical issues in the last couple of weeks that have impacted support (see separate post). We're working to get those issues sorted out now.
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