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There will be no CDs shipped, since there would be nothing gained by doing
so. With the old version of AB, there was a substantial difference between
how the CD and electronic license versions of AB behaved. That distinction
is gone with V3.0. In fact, there is absolutely NO benefit to buying the CD
version. We'll have a CD version in about a month, but it's sole purpose
will be for sale in stores as a physical product. Beyond semantic
differences, there will be NO effective functional difference between the
CD and electronic license.

More details on this will be found on our website. I've provided a link
below to this specific topic, plus additional info will be found wihtin the
FAQ and licensing description on the website.

Hope this helps,

At 09:25 AM 2/4/2005 -0600, you wrote:
>On a site note, I forget if those that bought the download version of AB3
>get a cd shipped to them as well?

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