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We just went to production. The normal turn-around time is about a month.
So we ought to have product by the end of the month - hopefully sooner. I
won't know a more concrete date for another couple weeks.

Once we get the product here, we'll be shipping it out to our distributors
around the globe. Then they will get it to the retailers. There are a small
number of retailers who we ship to directly, and they should have AB a few
days sooner than stores who get AB via a distributor. But it shouldn't make
a difference of more than a few days, at most.

At this point, my best guess for when AB will actually be on store shelves
is the end of the first week of March, or possibly the second week. It all
depends on shipping times once we have the product here to ship out.


At 06:44 AM 2/3/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>I know that the Lone Wolf website says that the CD version of AB3 is
>due to hit retail stores this month. Is there a more concrete date
>set at this time?

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