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Star Wars Armada

What's New
Version 1.04:
-Wave 2 fully added and flagged as released.
-Some image database updates.
-Latest FAQ reflected (v2.0 - 12/21/2015).
-Latest Tournament Rules reflected (v2.0.2 - 01/07/2016).
-Minor bug fixes (typos, etc.).

Included Items
-Core Set
-Wave 1 (Victory-class Star Destroyer, CR90 Corvette, Nebulon-B Frigate, Assault Frigate Mark II, Gladiator-class Star Destroyer, Rebel Fighter Squadrons, & Imperial Fighter Squadrons)
-Wave 2 (Imperial Raider, Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Home One, MC30c Frigate, & Rogues and Villains)

*Unreleased-Partial items are incomplete, WIP, and only contain fully spoiled cards.

Not Yet Included

FAQ & Tournament Rules Reflected
-FAQ v2.0 - 12/21/2015
-Tournament Rules v2.0.2 - 01/07/2016

To Do/Under Consideration List
-Option to hide Objectives in roster output (for now just delete it when you do the clean printout).

Official Card Images Missing

-Aggressor Assault Fighter
-JumpMaster 5000
-Nym (Havoc)
-Scurrg H-6 Bomber

-General Dodonna (Commander)**
-Grand Moff Tarkin (Commander)**
-NK-7 Ion Cannons (Ion Cannons)
-Boosted Comms (Offensive Retrofit)
-Point-Defense Reroute (Offensive Retrofit)
-Defense Liason (Officer)
-Director Isard (Officer)
-Engineering Captain (Officer)
-Navigation Officer (Officer)
-Tactical Expert (Officer)
-Veteran Captain (Officer)
-Weapons Liason (Officer)
-Wing Commander (Officer)
-Wulff Yularen (Officer)
-Rapid Reload (Ordnance)
-Engineering Team (Support Team)
-Projection Experts (Support Team)
-Dominator (Title - VcSD)**
-Independence (Title - MC80)
-Slaved Turrets (Turbolasers)
-Flight Controllers (Weapons Team)

**Official images for these cards were released, but the cards were changed later which invalidated the images.

Version History
Version 1.03:
-More Wave 2 spoilers added.
-Some image database updates.
-Minor bug fixes (typos, etc.).

Version 1.02:
-More Wave 2 spoilers added.
-Some image database updates.
-Latest FAQ reflected (v1.1.1 - 07/24/2015).
-Latest Tournament Rules reflected (v1.1 - 06/24/2015).
-Corrected text of Engine Techs upgrade (thanks to everyone who reported this).
-Minor bug fixes (typos, etc.).

Version 1.01:
-Wave 1 fully added and flagged as released.
-Some image database updates.
-Latest FAQ reflected (v1.0.0 - 05/07/2015).
-Latest Tournament Rules reflected (v1.0.3 - 05/18/2015).
-Minor bug fixes (typos, etc.).

Version 1.00:
-Core set fully added.
-All Wave 1 spoilers added and marked unreleased.
-A few Wave 2 spoilers added.

My code doesn't have bugs; it has undocumented features!

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