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I have HL installed on my desktop computer (D&D 3.5 licence) and I've created portfolios for my 3.5 D&D Party, and portfolios for Monsters and NPCs that are in the adventure they are currently playing.

I've got HL Demo version running on 2 laptops with all my created data files copied over, in order to use the laptop during game sessions. (setup the 2nd laptop to see if I got the same error)
Tonight I've encountered an error that only occurs on the laptops...
I load the main portfolio (7 characters & 3 familiars/companions) then attempt to load in NPC's/monsters - I can load up to 3 more creatures in fine, but as soon as I load 4+ (whether individually or all at once) I get a loading error...

"Errors were encountered when loading the saved portfolio! A record of these can be found in C:\DOCUM~... <snipped> The import failed in a way that was non-recoverable. Since you are in demo mode, no restoration of your previous state is possible. In licensed mode, your previous state would be properly restored in this situation."

It leaves me with only a "Unnamed hero" in both the Tac Console & main window. (And the error file doesn't actually contain any errors, it just states the second half of the original error message.)

Has anyone else seen this?
Have I perhaps missed copying a file across to the laptops, or am I trying to load more PC's/NPC's into the Tactical Console than the Demo version can cope with???
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