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Originally Posted by TCArknight View Post
Just remember, itís Apple that is the issue behind the iPad app not being updated since apparently they changed some rules a while back.

There was something on one of the newsletters about it.
Perhaps you're referring to something like this?

A lot has changed since then. Particularly in regard to Epic's suit against Apple and Apple's movement towards allowing third-party payments. (Although a recent news article said Apple wasn't happy with its partial win against Epic and was filing an appeal.)

That discussion was about getting customers involved to apply some social media pressure on Apple. But this thread is about whether there's any point in doing so now.

LW has surely seen the light in terms of subscription income. I just checked the HLO prices and I see that it costs $50/year for the privilege of using content that you purchase separately (granted, it provides players access to that same content).

LW clearly has their eyes focused on the future and HL for iPad is a legacy product. So is it dead? Or maybe a better question is, "Is there any evidence that it's NOT dead?" (And that's why I called it abandonware. It's not that they've come out and said "we no longer support it", they just let it languish. How about releasing the source code under a license similar to the Affero GPL license? Anything is better than letting it rot. And I'd love to have the option of fixing the bugs myself, although I'd need to learn a lot more about Obj-C/Swift.)
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