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I slowed down since I posted this. Real life is taking over a bit. That’s all to say that I likely won’t have the rest of AI done for this release. Which, to be honest, wasn’t in the original plan for the release so I don’t feel too guilty about it haha.

The table of contents for Ravenloft came out. It looks like we’ll get:
  • Monsters - ~32, including reprints
  • Subclasses - No surprises, just the two we already saw in UA
  • Lineages - Again, no surprises, just what we saw in UA
  • Backgrounds - Haunted One and Investigator, both of which are reprints
  • Dark Gifts - Unknown number. But I have a pipeline set up for pushing Supernatural Gifts, which we treat these as.

For the UA and reprints, the workload shouldn’t be crazy. There will almost definitely be tweaks from UA, and as Tasha’s demonstrated, reprints may also get tweaks (which will probably be errata’d into their original source). The monsters and dark gifts will have text to rewrite, so they’ll be the biggest chunk of work. But I’m still confident we’ll have a release ready by end of May.

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