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Yet more progress...

Name: USS Parnikee
Ship Class: Miranda Class

Scale: 4
Power: 10
Shields: 11
Resistance: 4
Systems: Comm 9, Computers 9, Engines 10, Sensors 9, Structure 11, Weapons 11
Departments: Command 0, Conn 0, Engineering 0, Medicine 0, Science 0, Security 0

Overview: During the mid to late 2260s the Federation saw increasing tensions with the Klingon Empire and many analysts thought that war was inevitable with Qo’noS. The design of the Miranda class began as a dual-purpose patrol and combat vessel designed specifically to counter Klingon designs, specifically recent refits of the D7 battle cruiser. A combined team of designers from Starfleet Tactical and the Starfleet Advanced Technologies Group began co-opting and adjusting technologies and systems from the upcoming Constitution class refit, producing a heavily armed attack vessel just as peace broke out between the Federation and the Empire in 2267. Production of six spaceframes occurred before further manufacturing was halted while a complete redesign was undertaken. In 2272, the Miranda development group had beaten the sword into a plowshare by redesigning nearly 70% of the internal volume of the starship, attempting to make the vessel into a science and survey ship. The result was a highly adaptable starship that continues to be in use nearly one hundred years since its introduction.

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