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To update you all on Ravenloft, I have the book in hand. Backgrounds are done. There was more to do there than expected, with a whole new set of bonds, flaws, etc. that can be used by any character, background features that can replace those of any background, and a totally new Investigator that isn't the same as the SCAG one.

I've got the subclasses updated and will do the lineages soon. The bad news on lineages is their Ancestral Legacy trait. They allow you to retain skill proficiencies and movement types from whatever race the lineage is replacing, if any. Since there's no way to select both a race and a lineage (we kinda have to treat the lineages as races), there's no way to select a replaced race and pull their skills and special movement types. I'll add a note to Ancestral Legacy calling out the Adjustments that can be used to add back that stuff to your character.

The Dark Gifts were surprisingly detailed, so that's gonna take some time to program. They're not as simple as the Dark Gifts in Curse of Strahd. Also there's Survivors, mini-character stat blocks with 3 levels and talents (basically feats). I think I know how I'll do them, but they'll take a hot minute, too. And the monsters have a ton of new stuff, including variants and optional features, which will require some extra love.

I'm still hoping to get this done this month, but we're probably looking at end of month rather than in the next week or so.

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