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Originally Posted by gbowering View Post
I might be wrong here, but I thought I'd post anyway.

In Ninth Age 2.0, shouldn't a Barded Warhorse keep the Devastating Charge (+1 STR, +1 AP) rule when added to a Duke or Paladin.
It's not showing in the list of universal rules. It's getting swiftstride instead.

Along that same line, the swiftstride rule for a Barded Warhorse is appearing when given to a Paladin or Duke, but not for the other knight types (they have the Devastating Charge rule instead).

Am I missing something? Shouldn't a Barded Warhorse have both swiftstride (because it's cavalry) and Devastating Charge because of the rule on page 10 in the Kingdom of Equitaine rulebook?
Fixed, DL release 2.27 or higher again
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