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Originally Posted by ShadowChemosh View Post
100% correct. Urog is a "pre-built" monster. A Void Hag is a 'pre-built' monster. Human or Vesk have no 'pre-built' monster stats. A pre-built monster stat (even in HLO) includes all the decisions that Paizo already made when building it (Ability scores, selection of master skills, if the monster was a combat or skill expert). Its not actually a blank "race" like Pathfinder has or would be built in HLC for Pathfinder where you start with race and select skills and ability scores.

I think the OP had some incorrect selections as his example. I agree that non player race monsters should be the way they are, but the alternate player races, Barathu, Contemplative, Draelik, Dragonkin, Drow, Formian, Space Goblin, Gray, Haan, Ikeshti, Kalo, Maraquoi, Nuar, Ryphorian, Sarcesian, Shobhad, Skittermander, Urog, Verthani, Witchwyrd and Wrikreechee shoudl also follow the NPC rules being used for creating NPCs of Core system rules. Otherwise they do not follow the same logic. Either its ok for Core races to be in the NPC race list, or the AA races should not for custom NPCs that follow class builds.

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