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Originally Posted by Ash Nazg View Post
I'm sure at least some people purchased RW believing the tool supported custom calendars. This sort of feature is prominent -- and well-implemented -- in other world/campaign managers, such as World Anvil
I was one of those. I believe my very first posts to this forum were to complain about what I felt was a "bait and switch" until I realized that they did not actually advertise custom calendars on the Web site from which I bought it (I was not part of the kickstarter). I had seen some videos that showed it and it was perhaps the main reason I bought the software. I came close to asking for a refund during the trial period, but put in the time to learn the software and came to appreciate what it did offer, hoping that custom calendars were just around the corner.

I've basically ditched using custom calendars in my current campaigns. But it is heartening to see the argument resurface. Now that content market is finally how, there is renewed hope at continued development. Maybe custom calendars with come to be after all.

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