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I had made a similar request in another thread and second this. As a player it's fine. But as a GM, the Dice Roller shares a useful tab and I'm constantly flipping around to roll secret skill rolls for players and seeing the results (I use the stage view on the right to roll usually)

A pop out may not be bad idea, although I suppose I could just open another tab to HLO and move that around as needed ? (I'll give that a try tonight)

^^ Which now makes be ask, it would be great if I could use my phone to log into HLO at the same time as my PC, if only to use it as a dice roller log view. It's the perfect screen/format/use for my phone! I also have a Surface Pro I could use for more screen space but have the same multi-login issue. Maybe we could have a "view only" log in option or something? That way GM's could use laptop+pc+phone for stage views, dice history, PC views, etc?

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