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Hi Lone Wolf folks, been buying and using your Pathfinder products for years and have been foraying into HLO to start playing Starfinder through quarantine. I was only using it for character creation for my players, but just last night we dug into using Scene and Tactical Mode and are IN LOVE with it. We've been getting really into tracking resources for Book 2 of Threefold and it's been a godsend.

We use Roll20 as a VTT, but now we won't need it's dice roller. The only problem is that as a GM I need to have the map open, but flip through several panels in the same tab. Am I missing something? What do other people do? Is there any way I can open the dice history as its own window? If not, would love to see this as a feature ASAP. To me, it's as essential as the map to see dice as it's really what describes the action.

Here's a customer story: As a GM or Player, I want to be able to see the dice history at all times, preferably in its own window that I can move around to another screen, so I can always keep track of the action while I'm adjusting my character, or looking through the Tactical Mode.

Second, if it's not possible, do you have a recommended VTT to use? Or are there any plans for a barebones token/map VTT?
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