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Hey folks,

I am choosing to leave these last two posts up and instead have sent a direct message to address your concern and explain why your message was removed. Please review that and feel free to send us whatever feedback you feel is merited, but I would kindly ask that as we try to lean into engaging here on the forums a bit more that you consider the rules, specifically those that relate to being constructive, respectful, and on topic.

Admittedly there has been something of a gap in communication after we had to cut down on staff and roles have been stretched thin, couple this with the complications that have arisen from general forum hosting stability and it made engagement here all the more difficult. I don't know if this will rightly help or not, but in recent days we have been taking a much closer look at how we can better engage with the community here and have taken some of the feedback posted here and also privately sent to us straight to leadership and some changes have already begun to be made to help address these things and better connect with all of you in a public manner rather than mainly relying on one-to-one conversations via our support email.

Ryan Furnas
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