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How odd that solutions to problems players have that Lone Wolf can't solve are being deleted. Perhaps if LW delivered on their products, I would have renewed my PF2 sub and even added a SF sub.

Hero Lab Classic was the best product with a huge amount of support and customization that I used for many years and many game systems.

The shift to online with a software as a service business plan was frankly a poor move on the part of LW and felt like a slap to my face. I'm paying more for much less. Now not only we pay for the books and systems, but we have to pay for maintaining a server. Core functions of starfinder are not available after years and I don't think we are going to see mechs from Tech Revolution anytime soon either.

There needs to be a significant shift in the philosophy at LW as to how to provide to the customers that are paying for their product.
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