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Originally Posted by Darius Silverbolt View Post
Daniel I can understand that the core books are priority, I mean that make perfect sense but the Starfinder AP line is YEARS behind and there isn't a lot of core books released in a year. Frankly there is now free software that is up to date that is just a character builder (which is what most of us want) ran by what seems one person. (To be fair it could be more but no where near the staffing of HLO).

Put all the together and it seems HLO has just abandoned the SF AP line and it is really hard to think it's any other way given the communication from LoneWolf.
I suspect part of the problem is the unique language that needs to be learnt to be able to craft anything in Hero Lab (assuming the HLO uses the same language as HLO). If they were able to switch to a universal language (e.g. javascript), then the learning curve to bring on new contractors would be a lot less.

Does the free software that you reference as a character builder also handle effects modifying the character during live play?


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