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I could write the whole thing, from scratch, myself. I could buy half-written novels and write the ending myself. I could do a lot of things... I don't want to.

I've spent maybe $1500 on content packs and I'd like to pay more to bring things up to date; earlier packs become less useful and valuable to me without the packs covering later releases.

So, I bought content packs, I like using them, then new books come out and I'm left with the options of:

1) Not using the new content until some indeterminate period has passed and a content pack becomes available.
2) Not using Hero Lab at all.
3) Creating the content packs myself, which if it was trivial WolfLair would fire out quickly.

I'm not doing 3. I've been doing 1 but as WolfLair spreads themselves out and the wait becomes longer and longer, the trade-off is no longer worth it for me. For 7th Sea and anything new, I'm going to pick 2. I'm not going to buy any new games that are added when existing lines are left to wither. My faith has been eroded.

You and others can pick different options. That's a perfectly fine choice, and I have no problem with it.

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