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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
So far, I'm only aware of a single bug report from someone who found a build that allowed them to be trained in enough lore skills that they wanted to exceed the current 30 skill limit, and even that character was designed solely for trained lore skill count, and was an exercise in testing the system's limits, not a character designed to be played. If you have a use case for expanding this, please present it, so we can weigh the benefits, against the cost of increasing resource usage for every PF2 character out there.
per Daniel V further up the thread, "We avoid automatically adding lore skills that can't be removed if they're optional, since there's a finite number of skills that can be present on a character."

however based on what you're saying, it sounds like hitting the skills cap is very unlikely unless a user is going out of their way to try and do so.

so in that case, why not automatically add the lore skills after all? it would save on user confusion when expected lore skills from feats etc don't appear, and apparently the risk of this causing problems with the 30-skill cap is small-to-nonexistent.

edit: to be clear, i'm not asking for the cap to be raised. i'm asking for lore skills added by feats etc to be automatically added to the skills list. the questions about the cap were to try and find out whether that is feasible or not. it seems to me that it is in fact feasible, unless i'm missing something?

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