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So, do you think something like this would work for adding the bonuses to saves?

Use this to determine half the sorcerer's level.

field[abValue].value += round(hero.tagcount[Classes.Sorcerer]/2,0,1)

Use this, then, to apply a bonus equal to half sorcerer's level to their saves:

hero.child[svFort].field[BonLuck].value = field[abValue].value +

hero.child[svRef].field[BonLuck].value = field[abValue].value +

hero.child[svWill].field[BonLuck].value = field[abValue].value +

And then this to apply half the sorcerer's level as an enhancement bonus to their AC?

#applybonus[tACMisc, hero.child[ArmorClass], field[abValue].value]
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