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Originally Posted by dungeonguru View Post
In the editor's local help files you can find an example in the eval scripts link:

In your specific case it would be something like this for Intelligence:

field[abValue].value = 1 + round(#attrmod[aINT]/2,0,-1)

you might want to make it cleaner looking by declaring a variable that grabs the attribute modifier first before putting it into the math.

var attrbonus as number
var answer as number
attrbonus = #attrmod[aINT]
answer = 1 + round(attrbonus/2,0,-1)

Ok, so I am trying to link this to the Charisma modifier. So would this be correct?

field[abValue].value = 1 + round(#attrmod[aCHA]/2,0,-1)
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