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Originally Posted by TheIronGolem View Post
That error is coming from Champions. I'll be putting out another update for that tonight.
OK, bit of a problem here.

I put out a 1.2 update for Champions a little bit ago, but found a serious problem with it so I had to pull that down. If you updated to 1.2 and you're seeing a problem, you're going to want to uninstall Champions and redownload 1.1 for now.

The other issue is that after fixing the problem with 1.2 but before repackaging it, I updated my HL to version 8.9...which appears to have broken my HLExport tool. So for the moment, I can't make a new .hl file.

Oh, and of course I do all this on a Friday evening.

EDIT: Found a workaround! Champions 1.2 is up!

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