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Originally Posted by Trscroggs View Post
I'm getting an error code after loading
Champions of the Sphere, Spheres of Might, Spheres of Power, and Expanded Spheres of Power.

Hero Lab was forced to stop compilation after the following errors were detected:

Syntax error in 'eval' script for Thing 'sopTlPHBarkskin' (Eval Script '#1') on line 3
-> Tag 'source.pSoPHBNat' not defined
Syntax error in 'evalrule' script for Thing 'sopTlPHBarkskin' (Eval Rule '#1') on line 1
-> Tag 'source.pSoPHBNat' not defined

After re-downloading everything in careful order, this is what the error message got down to.
That error is coming from Champions. I'll be putting out another update for that tonight.
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