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In Late June you sent a newsletter that said:

Shadowrun 5 debuted at Origins this year, and we hope a number of you have been able to give it a whirl. As we’ve mentioned in the past, we're planning to support the new version of Shadowrun in Hero Lab. Unfortunately, we've been working through various licensing hurdles since then and can't officially get underway until that's all sorted out. We expect to get everything finalized in the upcoming weeks, after which we'll be diving into implementing all the new changes.

Despite the licensing delays, the groundwork is already in place to get the new version implemented as quickly as possible. We expect to have a release of the new game functionality in the fall. We’ll keep you updated on our progress in future versions of the newsletter and will let you know the projected release date as soon as we can.
I haven't read anything since and was wondering if we could get some sort of update on how the licensing issues are working out.

EDIT and I have been answered! On facebook they posted:
Originally Posted by Hero Lab FB Page 08/30/13
You have spoken and now we can answer! We are happy to announce that Lone Wolf Development, in collaboration with Catalyst Games, will be supporting Shadownrun 5 in Hero Lab. This was finalized recently, so our development team just got started on creating the files after returning from Gen Con. Because of the licensing delay, we expect to have Shadownrun 5 implemented by the end of 2013.

Because of some fundamental changes to the game system, Shadowrun 5 will be offered as a completely new game system for Hero Lab. We will continue to keep you updated on progress and will let you know if there are any changes to the projected release date.
thank you Wolf lair, nylanfs and everyone else who answered!

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