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Hero Lab 8.8a was released this morning for Windows and Mac (an iOS version is in Apple's approval queue and will be released shortly).

Bug Fixes in Hero Lab v8.8a:

Fixed an issue preventing exporting of characters with quotes in their name.

Increased minimum size of the game selection screen to prevent the Exit button being covered.

Enhancements & Changes in Hero Lab v8.8a:

Substantial improvements were made to memory footprint of characters within a portfolio.

added several script/data file commands
added support in tag groups to have singular or exclusive tag
added support for tags to be singular
added assignval support for arrays and matrices
added support for accessing hero fields within <deletetest>
added optional required/default tags to comprefs
added optional parameter 'usefocus' to foreach, at the end after sortas
getcount was added to get the count of items within a foreach loop without actually running through the loop
For more details on these new scripting commands, see the ReadMe included with the application.
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