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Just to calm some fears I've gotten from some folks via email:

Yes, I'm still updating the file. Iowa has real fun weather, blistering wet heat in the summer, and butt numbing cold in the winter. Its nice outside about 2 months a year, one in the spring and one in the fall...the fall one is happening now so I haven't been working on the file as much. Don't worry, it will snow soon and I'll catch the bug list up.

Also: since Mongooses "Big Announcement", we won't be getting more rules from the looks of things until SST:evo launches in (hopefully ) April. I'll keep up with bug fixes on the current file until then for sure.

What about SST:evo? I need to see the rules first before I can say anything for certain; the file took one heck of a long time to write, and if there is a radical rules change it may be too much of a pain. But, for now, I am planning on putting a file out for it, or changing the existing one. I'll know for sure when I see the rules .
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