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Originally Posted by rob
This one is important, since it affects all purchases, all licensing matters, AND all access to the Updates mechanism within AB.....

Due to the record heat wave here in California and the regular power outages we've been experiencing (i.e. no air conditioning), our in-house server died last night. This is the server that handles everything regarding secure orders, license administration, and data file updates information. Needless to say, all those services are currently DOWN. :-(

We're in the process of recovering everything and getting a new server operational. We hope to have the new server running sometime this weekend. In the meantime, please be patient with us and don't flood the support queue with requests about this issue. We'll let everyone know as soon as we've got the replacement server configured and running securely.

Thanks, Rob
Dude that sucks, Sorry to hear that the server went down. Hope you guys don't get too flooded with support requests. Good luck!

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