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I'm happy to report that 3.1 is prepping for release! See the Pending Changes page on the GitHub for a list of everything included. I have a bit of QC work to do before I ask for it to be pushed to everyone.

In the meantime, consider this the last call for Spell Adjustment suggestions. If there's something I overlooked, let me know so I can get it in. Keep in mind that anything that cna be done with an existing adjustment, like how Shield just gives you +5 to AC and we already have an AC bonus adjustment, are not worth making their own adjustmnet. Conversely, Barkskin sets your AC to a minimum of 16, which isn't something that can already be done by an existing adjustment. Hence it gets its own.

Release 3.2 is going to be pretty limited in focus, unless I find a bunch of spare time. I'm right now calling it "Candlekeep and Waterdeep," as those are my two main priorities for it. I.E. everything in Candlekeep Mysteries and everything from the two Waterdeep adventures. I have a lot of the baseline info done already for the Waterdeep items and monsters. I spent all day yesterday working on finishing the Eberron monsters and Tasha's items, so anothe day like that should be all it takes to blast through Waterdeep. As for Candlekeep, I've reviewed the table of contents that leaked online and saw it has 26 new stat blocks. No word on new items, but they'll be included too barring anything absolutely crazy.

And another apology from me: a few releases back, I tweaked the Wild Shape adjustment, as it was incorrectly throwing errors that prevented users from selecting it. Though I fixed that error, I think I also broke all the rest of its functionality. So I've fixed what I broke for 3.1. However, in reviewing it, I noticed that the adjustment doesn't quite accuratley apply the Wild Shape feature. Mainly, it's giving the Druid's proficiency bonus to the beast form's attacks, which is not how Wild Shape works. EDIT: I was going to put the fixed version into 3.2, but I had some time today so it's going to make it into 3.1 instead.

Found an issue with or have a suggestion for the 5e Community Pack? Please post it here at our GitHub.

Feel free to stop by the Lone Wolf Development Subreddit, for discussion of any and all LWD products and community efforts!

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