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This thread is ten years old. Fenris have you ever tried ShadowChemosh's deity hider? (I know it's for the Pathfinder pack...)

<thing id="ECSDeities" name="Eberron Mechanic, Deities" description="Hide all non-Eberron deities if the source &quot;Hide Non-Eberron Deities&quot; is turned on." compset="Simple" uniqueness="unique">
<usesource source="srcOnlyEbe"/>
<eval phase="First" priority="10000"><![CDATA[
~ Find all non-Eberron deities
foreach thing in Deity where "!DeityCat.S2Eberron & !thingid.deiAtheist & !thingid.deiOther"
~ If no deity category then pull the thingid
If (eachthing.tagcount[DeityCat.?] = 0) Then
perform eachthing.pulltags[thingid.?,HideDeity]
~ If we have a category then pull the cateogry only
~ if we have not already pulled it.
If (eachthing.intersect[DeityCat,DeityCat] = 0) then
perform eachthing.pulltags[DeityCat.?]
~ Create Hide Deity Catagory tags
perform pulltags[DeityCat.?,HideDeiCat]
~ Push the hide deity tags to the hero
perform hero.pushtags[HideDeiCat.?]
perform hero.pushtags[HideDeity.?]
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