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Originally Posted by Fenris447 View Post
The Community Pack currently has all virtually all player options (races/subraces, classes/subclasses, backgrounds*, feats, supernatural gifts, variant class/race features, spells, etc.) The stuff that's missing is items and monsters from various sourcebooks dating back a few years. Also, we have patch notes on the GitHub that are a lot shorter than these 88 pages, in case you want to read through them.

Most of the outstanding stuff is currently in a WIP state in one form or another. I'm the only person currently working on stuff (that I know of), and I am tackling things in large batches; IE I have much of the basics of the uncompleted monsters and items built out. The remaining work for items is programming their specific functions, and the work left for the monsters is matching batch-created abilities to the specific monsters, creating the stock files, and tweaking them for anything else my batch processes didn't cover.

If you have an interest in working on something specific, let me know and I can upload the WIP version of it to a branch on the GitHub for you to pull down and have at it. We'd probably need to get together over Discord or something if you want to do monsters, so I can show you how they're currently set up and how to finish them off, since I don't want you to have to do some things that are already done. I'd be very happy to have help!

*With the exception of a few adventure-specific backgrounds, like Acquisitions, Inc. and Baldur's Gate. If anyone needs these, I can prioritize them for release.
I'll download the community pack and take a look at it. I'm willing to help anyway I can, but outside of the scripting, is there other code you have access to, you seem to imply that you do?

I've done all my own homebrew in 3.5E and worked a bit on the community scripts when I was active, but have since moved on to 5e, which I will homebrew as well. But most of 5E will remain intact, which is why I wondered what was available in it.

I'll let you know when and if I can put my hands into the mix. \
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