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Originally Posted by awesomedeluxe View Post
Curious if HLC will be updated to work on ARM Macs.
Rosetta 2 should be able to take care of this, even without a recompile from Lone Wolf to target the M1 chip.

Originally Posted by Dami View Post
Classic still works,
For some definition of "works".

The auto-recalculation of every field whenever a change is made really slows things down (at least it does on macOS, and I've heard from Windows users in my gaming group that the same issue is present there as well).

Originally Posted by Dami View Post
and is officially supported, even if they aren't releasing regular updates anymore. There's ongoing work for many systems, though most of that is currently done by the users, not Lone Wolf.
So what does supported mean to you? Because it clearly doesn't mean that they are fixing bugs or releasing new content. Maybe you meant to put "supported" inside quotes?

Originally Posted by Dami View Post
Pathfinder 1e should be available in HLO "soon", but you don't have to change to online. All the Classic stuff isn't going anywhere.
And that's really the problem isn't it? It isn't going anywhere.

It was pretty obviously from even prior to the announcement of HLO that what is now known as HLC was going to be the red-headed stepchild. I have to assume that they're making a bundle of money on HLO since they've kicked HLC to the curb. Or maybe they're still selling HLC to unsuspecting people who don't know what shape it's in? So they can collect that income and do nothing, while also collecting the subscription fees from HLO. It's a good gig, for as long as it lasts...
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