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Originally Posted by Dami View Post
Adding a +1 bonus is the same as making it MW.
Select "New Magic, Custom or MW weapon of size:"
Select "Custom / Magic Weapon"
Base Item: choose "+1", and the "weapon".

If by "custom weapon" you mean you have one of the named weapons that shows on the first menu, then you can't change the bonus it gets. You can use the editor to make a new version of it that has +1.
Unless I'm completely losing my mind, custom magic items require a +1 enhancement before specific enchantments can be added. I can not find an option to add the +1 (up to +5) enhancement to a weapon.

I can find the "custom/magic weapon" option.
I can find the "masterwork" option - which is a prereq to making a magic item.
I can find the list of enchantments with equivalent bonus values - these are supposed to require the weapon/armor to have a +1 enhancement before they can be applied.
I cannot find that +1 enhancement option. It's not listed for me in the weapon/armor selection options.

As a workaround, I was able to use the "adjust" tab to manually add the +1 enhancement bonus (thank you, TheIronGolem), and add a custom gp cost to the weapon, but shouldn't there be a section in the custom magic weapons/armor selections since the generic +1 to +5 does have a cost that should be calculated alongside any enchantments on the equipment?

In other words: what if I wanted to create a generic +1 longsword. Shouldn't that be available in the custom weapons/armor options?
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