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EDIT Got it to sync, but now facing "Error deserializing span list" whenever try to open realm.

Hi all,

I haven't used Realm Works in a few years, so I figured I would have some problems coming back, since my realms are old (May of 2016 was last sync).

The problem I'm having is when I try to open either of my old realms, I get the "you must sync first" error. So I click "Sync Required" button and they seem to sync fine. There's no errors, and when I click on "Manage Realm Data", the local and server topics/articles, etc. are identical. It seems to have worked.

Only I still can't open the realm. It still says sync required.

I did contact support about this a few weeks ago, and was told the problem would have to be forwarded to devs, so there might be some time before they could take a look at it. I haven't heard anything yet, so I'm hoping someone in the community might have encountered this problem and have a solution.

I don't currently have server/cloud access.

I AM able to create new realms, modify them, and they will sync up and open. I just can't get into the old ones.

thanks for any all help!

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