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Originally Posted by Provos View Post
I was looking to add Rapid Shot to the Adjustments but it looks like Kendell DM created one that was never added to the community files.

<<Post-Levels (Users) 10000>>

~ If we're not selected, get out now.
doneif (field[hIsOn1].value = 0)

~ Add extra attack and apply rapid shot penalty.
foreach pick in hero from BaseWep where "thingid.w? & wCategory.Range?"
  if (eachpick.tagis[Helper.ExtraHigh] = 0) then
    eachpick.field[wAttack].value -= 2
    perform eachpick.assign[Helper.ExtraHigh]
I would assume the feat itself already has this which is why there would be no adjustment for it. I'll check into it to verify.

Looks like I was wrong. There's no script. I'll update the feat now.

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