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Originally Posted by Provos View Post
Thanks that seems to fix this.

I copied that code for damage from another Adjustment. That's what most of my edit for Hero Lab are find an example and duplicate.
90% of my scripts are also copy and paste as I have a hard time remembering everything. The biggest thing is understanding what you're copying. This script:

hero.child[Damage].field[tDamBonus].value = maximum(hero.child[Damage].field[tDamBonus].value, field[pAdjust].value)

Set the field tDamBonus equal to itself or field[pAdjust], whichever is higher. This means if *anything* else on the character adjusts that field, you may not get the desired result.

During one of ShadowChemosh's d20 updates, he added the individual bonus fields so that it would be easier to stack bonuses. In general, that means anything scripted before that change was inherently limited and may not be the best means to accomplish what you're looking to do. Just something to keep in mind as you go along.
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