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It would be nice if the treasure was interactable, allowing you to just click on an item and it automatically gives the Hero Lab version to the PC. However, I cannot see it being worth using over any of the dozens and dozens of very good generators online. There's thousands of items in Pathfinder (over a dozen thousand if you include magic items and incorporate 3.5 content) and unless LW can put together a truly comprehensive (and accurate) generator I simply don't see myself using it over the others. I have a bookmark folder specifically dedicated to generators, most of them item based, and between all of those I've hit most of the items in Pathfinder and D&D. With such easy-to-access generators already available it just doesn't seem LW could feasibly match them in terms of items.

Of course if they can find a way to simply let the generator algorithms use the items that are already in Hero Lab, then it would be sublime. This would probably mean adding some kind of specific tag to each and every item though, so you don't have things appearing in the wrong category or level range. Undoubtedly that would be a real job, especially since most people would also want this functionality to extend to the community data sets (although that's in the realm of community work and not the job of Lone Wolf staff, they would still need to add the functionality in the editor which is additional work).

I welcome to be proven wrong though. I'm 100% behind any good generator built-in. If it lived up to expectations I would be happy to pay for it which (barring the community somehow making it on their own) I suspect the effort involved would necessitate regardless.

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