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I think I found a work around for it.

    <!-- If we're a character advancement, lock us into the first available slot on the advances array  -->
    <eval index="8" phase="Final" priority="8000" name="Assign To Table"><![CDATA[
      doneif (tagis[AdvanceCat.Advancement] = 0) 
      var i as number

      for i=0 to 23
        if (empty(herofield[acXPAdvTier].arraytext[i]) <> 0) then
          herofield[acXPAdvTier].arraytext[i] = field[name].text
          field[advCount].value = i


    <!-- If we're an advancement that uses a tier slot, we have a text to display -->
    <eval index="9" phase="Render" priority="8500" name="Assign Advance Tier Count"><![CDATA[
      if (tagis[AdvanceCat.Advancement] <> 0) then
        field[advCount].value += 1
        field[advTier].value = field[advCount].value

    <!-- If we're an advancement that uses a tier slot, we have a text to display -->
    <eval index="10" phase="Render" priority="10000" name="Assign Tier Advance"><![CDATA[
      if (tagis[AdvanceCat.Advancement] <> 0) then
        if (tagis[Advance.LongTerm] <> 0) then
          field[advTierTxt].text &= "Tier " & field[advTier].value
Doing it this way the numbers are coming out correctly, though I had to force feed them into an array... consequently I think I figured out how skills get modifiers in arrays with this bit of coding though...

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