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Originally Posted by NoxRaven View Post
Right, I have the 3.5 for HL. I just didn't know about RW. Most of the campaigns I run deal with the forgotten realms campaign setting. So I'm assuming I'm assuming then I'm going to have to gather all of my books for it and type in every piece of information from them into RW.

I guess the daunting aspect is what to start with as the baseline.

There are 2 ways to enter info from scratch.

Manually typing it in... Long and laborious process.

Get Dragon Speech software, and "speak" most of it in. I do this, Im entering in the Worlds Largest Dungeon this way.

As for where to start....
Think "Top Down".

Start with Toril, then Faerun, Then cities, dungeons etc...
Act like your seeing the planet in space... and drill down from there. This way things "LINK" as they should.
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