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I purchased "In the Company of Fey" data pack from Lone Wolf, and just came across an error.

If I am building a character with the First Folk Paragon class, if I take "Improvised Expertise (Sorcerer)" as a paragon ability, it grants the spellcasting ability of a lvl 1 sorcerer (spells known, spells per day, and Eschew Material Components feat).

That part is correct.

However, if I then take "Fey Arcana", it is supposed to grant +1 lvl of spellcasting ability, applied to whatever spellcaster class you already have.

The problem is that the drop-down menu only allows me to pick "First Folk Paragon", which by default is not a spellcasting class. So the ability is not allowing me to increase my level of sorcerer spellcasting.

In theory, if I take Improvised Expertise (Sorcerer) + Fey Arcana (x2), the character should cast spells as a lvl 3 sorcerer.

However, that's not what it's doing. So the ability is broken.

Does this kind of bug get fixed? And if so, how do I report it?
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