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I wasn't involved in the Kickstarter era, so came to Realm Works based largely on videos by Joshua Plunkett/Daplunk.
I didn't see the promises on what the software could have been, during the kickstarter.
My basis for buying the program was with what it could deliver.

On the basis of what the program is currently, more or less, I bought it and it delivers very well.

Sure, I'd like continuing development and improvements over time, but in its current state Realm Works is very capable at what it does -- there aren't any other programs out there that entirely fills its niche... several partially do what it does, but nothing is as good at managing campaigns (or writing novels and tracking the world, plot, characters, locations, etc).

In its current state, RW is an amazing program.
Even with the lack of planned development (at this time, maybe forever...) it is a phenomenal program in the current state.

Lone Wolf has also been superb on customer support, when I've had issues with Hero Lab or Realm Works.
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