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Unless I'm mistaken, the only way that I see to alter a character's initiative due to her projecting into astral space or going hot sim VR is to add a temporary status that affects the initiative dice. True/false? I would love for there to be a more user friendly method of this.

For those characters capable of astral projection, can't there be a check box that shows up under the magic tab or magic section which switches the character into astral projection? It would switch over your initiative, your AR and DR and melee pools to the astral and could also gray out all physical spells to denote what can't be cast in astral space.

Likewise it would be super useful to have the same functionality for deckers and riggers. A box that would allow a decker to shift from AR to VR and VR(cold sim) to VR(hot sim) and reflect the initiative changes.

Also, being able to 'jump into' a drone or a vehicle as a rigger and have the dice pools, AR and DR, adjust accordingly would be fantastic.
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