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I think I need to make a new tracker for an ability I am coding for the Malefactor Class called Strife Pool. It is similar to Grit et al, in that it is used to fuel abilities and certain effects occur when you run out of it. I looked at Grit but it wasn't really helpful. Here is the text from the ability, can someone point me in the right direction?

At first level, Yla spirits provide the malefactor
with a supply of supernatural chaotic energy
called strife, which the malefactor can use to
twist luck in a variety of ways. The maximum
number of points in the malefactor’s strife
pool is equal to ˝ her malefactor level + her
Wisdom modifier. A malefactor's supply of
strife is replenished to maximum every 24
hours, at the same time each day. As long as
the malefactor has at least one point of strife,
she is immune to the effects of her own aura
of misfortune.

Thanks in advance
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